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At Vine Street Dental, we work with the best Dentures Lab Technician in Utah to ensure you are satisfied with your dentures.

Dentures are a removable solution for missing teeth. Made out of acrylic plastic, porcelain, and sometimes with a metal framework, dentures provide an attractive option for people wishing to improve their smile and facial profile.

Dr. Gleave and his staff are highly experienced at measuring for and ensuring well-fitting dentures. In partnership with an excellent lab technician, we pay close attention to detail, which allows us to eliminate many of the small problems that often cause dentures to not fit properly.

Types of Dentures We Offerimgres

We take the time to listen to your needs and determine the best course of action, helping you decide if dentures are a good option for your situation. Here are the types of dentures we offer:

  • Conventional complete (full) upper and lower dentures
  • Partial dentures. Some teeth remain and act as abutments for the denture to snap on to, making them more stable and retentive. Partial dentures can have either metal clasps or can be made without any metal (Valplast) to enhance their aesthetics and appearance.
  • Temporary dentures. They can be either full dentures or small flipper dentures (just a few teeth) as interim options while the patient waits for a more permanent solution.
  • Implant Dentures. We can make dentures that attach to implants (the so called “Teeth in a day” restoration solution) or we can attach an existing denture to implants placed after the denture has been made.

How Long Does it Take to Have New Dentures Made?

From start to finish making new dentures can take from 2 weeks to 4 weeks depending on complexity and the type of dentures.  For instance, removing teeth and allowing the tissue to heal for a week or two before we take the final impressions allows for a better fitting denture. If Implants are involved, the completion of the case may take a little longer.  Generally, these are the basic stages to making a denture:

  • Initial impressions
  • Final impressions
  • Wax bite registration
  • Wax try in
  • Final try in
  • Delivery of the finished Dentures.

Sometimes some of these steps can be combined.  The procedure is not usually painful.  If the extraction of teeth is involved, we will use our typical regimen of anesthetics, nitrous oxide, and Valium if necessary.

Proper Denture Cleaning and Maintenance

Dentures need to be brushed daily just like regular teeth, in order to prevent staining and keep them hygienic. Rinsing your dentures after meals and soaking your dentures in water overnight can help them maintain their shape.

Dr. Gleave can help answer any questions you may have about denture maintenance and cleaning.

Financing and Discounts

Kathy, our Office Manager, works with all our patients to make sure their investment in their dental health is as financially feasible as possible. We often can offer financial assistance in the form of cash discounts, senior citizen discounts, etc. We are continually providing special offers to new and continuing patients, so don’t be afraid to ask!

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With the advantages of implant retained dentures and bridges, all ages can benefit from dentures if you are in need of improving the health and appearance of your smile.

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