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rootcanalFinding out you need a root canal isn’t a dream come true for anyone, but the procedure can improve your health and your smile more than you realize. At Vine Street Family Dental, we ensure that the process is as convenient and painless as possible.


Once you have made an appointment with us, you won’t have to wait long to be treated. We always make time to see patients in pain the day they call us. If your emergency occurs over the weekend, we will get you in on Monday morning.  Occasionally we can even schedule an emergency visit after hours. Most necessary root canals can be performed without a referral. Rarely do our root canal appointments need to be treated over the course of more than one visit. Dr. Barton Gleave is more than capable of fully completing the procedure during your first appointment.


There is no reason for you to feel any pain during or after your root canal. Vine Street Family Dental will make sure you receive appropriate antibiotics.  We also offer Nitrous Oxide or Valium sedation to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Any post-procedure discomfort can be managed with pain medication that will be prescribed for you.


Root canals are typically treated with a post buildup and a crown. We offer this service, as well as a variety of others related to root canal therapy. Occasionally, it is better for your damaged tooth to be entirely extracted and replaced with an implant and crown; we can also provide that treatment option for you in place of a root canal.

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