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A great smile is a must in the modern world.  With our smiles, we express our happiness and love, and spread joy to the others around us.  And though every smile is beautiful, veneers can take smiling to the next level.

At Vine Street Family Dental, we make it our goal to give patients a smile they are excited to show off.

Our Veneers

5370864686_c456d04bf0Essentially, there are two kinds of veneers available, and at Vine Street, we offer both. Resin veneers, which are made out of a special kind of plastic, are an affordable option that is perfect for anterior teeth.  These veneers can be placed in the office.

Porcelain veneers, on the other hand, are specially made by our lab and generally require about two weeks to be made.

We also offer a specialized version of porcelain veneers; Lumineers , which are very thin veneers.  Lumineers are often able to alter the appearance of teeth with very little reshaping of the actual tooth.

In some cases, traditional porcelain veneers, which require a little more shaping of the actual tooth, are the best course of action to maintain great contour.

At Vine Street Family Dental, we are here to help you choose the best type of veneer to improve your smile.

Our Veneer Procedure

Many patients are curious about the stages of the veneer procedure at Vine Street Family Dental.

In our office, we start with a cosmetic evaluation.  In this evaluation, we talk with each patient about his or her particular vision and needs for cosmetic veneers.

From there, we have our lab make a study model of the appearance of the finished veneers in wax. We can also discuss the color and shape and schedule an appointment to prepare for the veneers by taking impressions.

In around two weeks, we are ready to place and finish the veneers.  This process is virtually painless, and usually only requires a numbing agent at most, making your veneer appointments simple and pleasant.


We offer a 100% warranty in the first year after receiving your veneers, and 20 % warranty for the next 5 years.

Choosing Vine Street Family Dental

At Vine Street Family Dental, our artistic vision and access to one of the most capable Dental Labs on the west coast (Cosmetic Solutions), makes us a perfect place to get your veneers.

Contact Dr. Gleave today or call at 801.288.1818 to get started on your veneers and build yourself a more beautiful smile.